Our Promise

We would not try to suggest that we have never had some ups and downs on the many contracts that we have carried out over the years. However, at Chelbuild we believe that what sets the us, quality builder apart from the 'cowboy' is the speed and efficiency with which any problems are addressed. As much of our work is carried out in the insurance sector we are aware of our position as a service provider and we always endeavor to leave a property in a much better condition than when we started.

We aim to;

Attend appointments punctually, notifying the customer immediately if we are delayed.

Provide the best and most cost effective solution to the job required.

Provide advice based on good and proper practice and workmanship, not the largest profit margins.

Protect the customer's property and belongings to the best of our ability during work.

Carry out work to high standards of workmanship and to the customers satisfaction.

Upon completion to leave a property in as good, if not a better condition than when we began the work.

It should also be borne in mind that many of our employers require our invoice to be accompanied by a certificate of satisfaction signed and dated by the customer.

This is in effect our customer's guarantee that we will carry out the work to the standard they expect.

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